A motion-sick kid is not a brilliant way to start a road trip. Or boat trip. Or plane trip. Or any kind of trip. The tell tale ‘Mum, I feel funny’ comment from the back seat followed by a futile plastic bag search can turn a family car into a ‘Vomit Comet’ in 10 seconds flat.

But never fear because we’ve put together a recipe to help prevent car sick kids, and it’s super quick and simple.


1) One child 6 years or older who gets motion sickness when you least want it. Can be substituted with an easily queasy adult.

2) A journey you are looking forward to. Doesn’t matter whether it’s by road, air or sea, as long as there are loads of twists, turns, rocking, swaying or any kind of ill-inducing motion.

3) Sea-Legs. This is where the quick and simple part comes in


First, nip down to the pharmacy and grab Sea-Legs. It’s the No. 1 motion sickness treatment in New Zealand¹ so practically any pharmacy will have it.

Next, the night before your journey or at least an hour prior to leaving, give your child (must be over 6) Sea-Legs. This shouldn’t be a problem as Sea-Legs is virtually tasteless, chewable and can be taken with water.

Then, pack your bags and off you go. The active ingredient in Sea Legs is meclozine hydrochloride, a type of antihistamine that helps block signals to the part of the brain that controls nausea and vomiting. And it’ll keep doing it for up to 24 hours.²

Finally, standard suggestions to keep things queasy-free include no iPad, mobile phone or books in the back seat. Keep their head up and in fresh air if possible. Even redirecting air-con can help. And last but not least, not too much rich or fatty food at the truck stop.

So there you have it. Follow this easy recipe and you’re more likely to have a smooth trip, and most importantly, escape a nasty clean-up job at the other end.

Happy travels!

Sea Legs is specially formulated to provide effective relief for all the family whether travelling by car, plane, boat or coach. Taken the previous night or an hour before travelling they will help prevent sickness. Or take them for relief when you feel sickness coming on. The tablets are virtually tasteless, so they can be chewed or swallowed with water.

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