What happens when the Barf Brigade is on your boat?

The anchor is down and the fish are biting. All is good on this most glorious of fishing trips – except for one thing.  Your mate’s ‘mate’ is already showing the tell-tale signs of seasickness. Head down and yawning, slow to bait up and drop a line, it’s only a matter of time before his hurley becomes another man’s burley.  As skipper, what’s your plan?  Head back to the marina? Not likely. You’re not about to chuck it in this early. That said, you’re not completely heartless and you do have a few tips to help your puking passenger cope…..

  • Tell them to position themselves low down amidships i.e. in the middle of the boat where there’s less degree of movement. Lying down and sleeping can also help.
  • Don’t face them backwards from the direction they’re travelling and keep them focused on the horizon or a fixed point outside the boat. If they keep focusing on objects within the boat, the sensory disconnect between these seemingly static images and the rocking of the boat could make the sea-sickness worse. By focusing on the horizon the brain can better take in all that rocking and swaying yet have a point of reference to work towards, just like when you’re driving a car.
  • Move them away from anyone else who is sick. Seasickness can be psychosomatic so if they see anyone else barfing into the deep blue, they could be next.
  • Keep them cool. During seasickness the body wants to cool down so make sure they get fresh air from a window or air-conditioning.
  • Give them Sea-Legs. Available at all leading pharmacies. Sea Legs contains Meclozine hydrochloride, a type of antihistamine that helps block the middle ear’s ability to send signals to the ‘vomiting centre’ in the brain. Taken at least an hour before departing, Sea-Legs will keep working for up to 24 hours.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. May cause drowsiness. Take care if driving a vehicle or operating machinery until effects are known. Avoid alcohol. Radiant Health, Auckland.

 DISCLAIMER: This editorial has been brought to you by Radiant Health. Content in this editorial is for general information only and is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. For more information, speak to your Healthcare Professional. NZ-2019-09-0005. NA 11292.

Sea Legs is specially formulated to provide effective relief for all the family whether travelling by car, plane, boat or coach. Taken the previous night or an hour before travelling they will help prevent sickness. Or take them for relief when you feel sickness coming on. The tablets are virtually tasteless, so they can be chewed or swallowed with water.

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